Big Decision: Starting a Raid Team

My guild is really small.  I’m talking tiny — We have 3 actual members (35 toons though!): Me, my husband and my real-life best friend.  We started the guild to get the guild bank since we (read: my husband) likes to keep everything.  But I have some aspirations, mainly to raid.

Of course, keeping a small guild has benefits and costs.  One benefit is complete trust of the members.  We know each other really well and we have good real-life relationships.  This transfers to the game in most aspects because we know what the other is thinking or going to do/react/feel.  The cost, however, is that we miss out on things like pre-made battleground groups, raids, and even full guild dungeon runs.  Before patch 4.0.1 and the onset of Guild Reputation, this cost was not as visible.  But now we won’t even get credit for a 10-man PUG. /sadface

I want to get us raiding, but my biggest concern is that my guildies are not ready for raiding.  My best friend has done many, many (many!) 5-man dungeons/heroics in Wrath on her shaman as both ranged DPS (Elemental) and healer (Resto) and is quite a good healer.  She has never raided though.  My husband has done bajillions of 5-man dungeons on his ret paladin and fury warrior; he’s even done the weekly raid a couple of times (Noth the Plaguebringer).  God bless his heart, he’s not very situationally aware, however, and I’m concerned that he would die 2 seconds into the fight because he wasn’t paying attention (this is also a topic for another post that I’m going to draft right now).

I’m ready to stop complaining (and leveling my alt army) and do something about seeing raid content.  I would be content at this point to start with vanilla raids to get our feet wet.  I’ve even scheduled an Ahn’qiraj raid (which we will likely 3-man..but I digress) for next Sunday at 1:00p central.  I’m working now to get some guides together since we* have never raided before and don’t really** know the first thing to do.

I’m also sprucing up our guild website in the hopes of recruiting more players soon.  I approached the issue last night with my best friend and she mentioned “maybe we need to get some toons in another guild.”  I’m not adverse to this idea; I think it’s great.  I do have some concerns, but I’d rather not voice them publicly.  If you care to help, send me an email at lizziaftw (at) gmail (dot) com.  Also, if you have any suggestions on expanding our guild, let me know in the comments!

*I’ve done the weekly raid a couple times, tried Ulduar once (but the raid fizzled after the first wipe), Magister’s Terrace (as a lvl 80 though) and Sunwell Plateau (again, as a lvl 80).
**I think I know what to do to prepare for a raid, however, I’ve never been in a position to actually have to prepare for a raid. You know, the whole “who’s bringing the fish feast?” deal.

4 thoughts on “Big Decision: Starting a Raid Team

  1. I’d try to steal you for us but, alas, you’re on the wrong continent. 3 guild members – 35 toons. That’s insane! I congratulate you. The new guild achis are definitely exciting but they do penalise small guilds, and very small guilds, which is unfortunate. We’re about… 20 memembers, with no intention of getting much bigger but some of the major raiding achievements are pretty hard work.

    • Thanks for wanting to thief my away :) I’m afraid I’d be worthless to you even if I switched to an EU server due to the time difference (I’m -6:00 UTC). My enthusiasm is bolstered by my best friend’s interest, so that is a good thing, right? I even asked my husband if he is interested in raiding (I, of course, phrased it like “We would log in, go kill some shit, and that would be how we play” and he said “sure!”. Hopefully Sunday’s “raid” will go somewhat typically (wipes, feesh feests, pots and all) and that will be a slight indicator of their real willingness (and my own, for that matter) to try to do harder content (I’m talking Burning Crusade content -_-;).

      Thanks for commenting too! :D

  2. In cata, they really want you to do the heroics before raiding. And it’s not just for gear! yes, gear is a big thing, as you don’t want to get flattened early in a fight. And you also need to perform DPS-wise so you don’t enrage the boss.

    But! With the way the heroics have been tuned, they really are mini raids! You get bosses that have mechanics you really need to pay attention to in order to kill them. Awareness of what you ate doing, and what your targets are doing and knowing the reasons why are big things in the new heroics, and if you can grasp those mechanics, then you are ready for raiding!

    As for who is responsible fir bringing things, everyone needs to know what potions/flasks they need and should be responsible for bringing what they need. Larger guilds may be able to supply these or even pay out repair costs. Being small as you are, you’ll have a bit of trouble handling that.

    Food: engineers can make a goblin BBQ grill that works for the group like a fish feast. If you’ve got an engineer, the three of you can help farm the mats needed to make a bunch of them. I’m not sure if there are other feast-type thongs in game though. I’ll have to research that some more.

    That’s another thing: Research! Everyone needs to research the bosses you will be facing so you all know what you are looking for and know what to do and when to do it! You-tube is invaluable in this respect. Just keyword search the boss and watch the results that pop up.

    I’m sure you are aware of the dangers of allowing more people into your guild. Make sure the guild bank isn’t wide open to them. You never know how secure their account is, and you don’t want them to take advantage of you either.

    I’ve been in large-ish guilds before and I rally prefer the smaller ones for a relaxing environment. Having run a UT99 clan before, I also know what it’s like bringing people in because they are good, but their personality didn’t quite mesh. It can be very stressful. Always have a trial period. Listen to your established members if they have issues with the new members. And always have some sort of communication open to bothe the older established members as well as the new members.

    Heh! I think I rambled a little here! In anycase, good luck with this! It may need a bit of work to get off the ground, but if you do it right, it can be quite fun and rewarding for you AND your guild.

    • Thanks very much for all of your suggestions — I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing heroics. My best friend’s new worgen mage is now 70, so pretty soon she will be high enough to start getting ready for Cata heroics. Thanks for this tip!

      Also, given my husband’s affinity for maxing out all of his professions (and all of the available professions save fishing.. he hates it), we might be able to bring our own food/pots.

      I am a bit concerned about letting “strangers” into our guild — It sort of feels like we are really letting them into our house. But I am hopeful we might find someone really great (or convince our off-server friends to migrate).

      Thanks for commenting ! :D

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