LOLSmite: A New Beginning (Again)(For the 2nd time)

Long, long ago…In a distant land…

I used to have a little dwarf hunter named Elizabeth.  I think this was way back in 2007.  I got pretty lucky with the name — No funky, accented letters!  This hunter made it to level 20 before I decided that I didn’t want to play a hunter anymore.  Fast forward to July  2009 and I got lucky again when I made my priest.  I still can’t believe I got my old name back!  Yay!

Anyhoo… I’ve now leveled my druid (<3) to 85 and got her professions maxed out (except Archaeology…) and I have attempted playing my other 80s to see which one I’d like to level next to 85.  The paladin?  OMGSUCKS.  The shaman?  Dumb profession choices make it annoying (skinning and engineering? dumb.)  The hunter?  Too lonely and I just suck at hunters.  The warrior?  Possibility, but I also suck at warriors.  The death knight?  Bah. Poor lil trollbie.  I’ve also tried leveling a lower-level character, but I am not drawn to that either (surprisingly!) since my husband and I have two worgens we are leveling together.  And he hasn’t wanted to play him yet.  Booo.

So I selected Elizabeth, my priest.  She’s Shadow/Discipline.  I really like Shadow spec, but it gets a little repetitive and isn’t very mana efficient at her current level (73).  I put on her Disc spec last night while traipsing through Grizzly Hills (oh God get me outta Northrend NAO) and found that it’s pretty mana efficient — I can kill 7-8 level 73ish monsters before drinking.  Plus Penance is just fun to cast.  >:D

I have been contemplating running a dungeon as a Disc-DPS priest, but I know that I’d probably be vote-kicked asap. /sigh  For now I am going to high-tail it through Northrend to get to Mount Hyjal and all of it’s good fun times questing.

I’ll leave you with some pics of my priest to bask in her awesomeness!

2 thoughts on “LOLSmite: A New Beginning (Again)(For the 2nd time)

  1. I have found that I occasionally get queued as DPS as Disc on my leveling (mid-40s) priestess, and she does pretty well at it. Those runs go very, very smoothly, as having two healers lets the tank pretty much pull at will, and the DPS can go all out without worrying about pulling aggro.

    But leveling dungeons, and the groups within them, are pretty forgiving. :-)

    Try lolsmite. I love it, it’s a great change of pace from other healing specs!

    • I’ve been running Recount while questing just to see if there is a big difference (at lvl 73 at least) between Shadow and Disc in terms of total fight DPS. Doing about 750-800 DPS in each spec. I was kinda surprised at that — but I have been getting some nice 3K crits off Holy Fire ;D

      Thanks for the comment and motivational words of wisdom!

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