Twilight Jasmine, you tease

Questing in Twilight Highlands and herbalizing everything I can get my giant, awkward nelfie hands on… when I saw this:

Yes… That is a Twilight Jasmine FLOATING in mid-air. Here’s another shot just for fun:

This expansion has been out for only a week and finding little glitches like this is far more amusing that it probably should be. Oh well, simple is as simple does.. right?

Update! Found another one:


2 thoughts on “Twilight Jasmine, you tease

  1. one thing i hate when i am picking weeds is the new phasing they implemented. I can see an herb, but when i get close to it, sometimes it disappears…i move away and there it is again. I am told that certain nodes are supposed to only be available to players in certain phasing in that particular zone. so annoying cause sometimes I will fight 2-3 mobs to get to it only to have it disappear.

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