But it's MY car?

This past June, my husband and I attempted to take a belated honeymoon to Fall Creek Falls State Park. On the way there, my car (a 2003 Hyundai Accent) started having trouble. We almost turned around, but decided that we’d check it out when we got to the park.

A little back story: To get to Fall Creek Falls, there are 2 routes you can take. One is really curvy and kinda scary and the other is longer, just as curvy, but not scary. We decided to take the longer route on the advice of several people who have been to the park before. By the time we reached that route, my car DIED. My husband was driving at the time (Thank God!) and he ended up having to put the car in neutral, turn it off, turn it back on, rinse & repeat just to get the car to stay in a gear. Keep in mind, this is an AUTOMATIC transmission vehicle. That little jaunt down the curvy road was quite the experience. We did, however, make it to the inn at the park and my husband was able to park the car.

My father-in-law ended up driving up from the south side of Atlanta, with a trailer, to pick us and the car up — he left his house around 10pm eastern.  We left Fall Creek Falls State Park around 3am eastern time and headed straight to a dealership down in ATL.  Drove off the lot with my new-to-me 2009 Chevy Equinox around 9 am.

Fast forward to Tuesday:  I’m driving home from the veterinarian and my car tells me (little message window on the dash) “Stabilitrac off.  Service traction control.  Engine power reduced.”  And the engine would get over 2000 rpm.  As I was attempting to get up a small hill in a 55 mph zone (where people drive about 70 mph).  I eventually made it home and we took my car to a dealership to get it fixed.  Thankfully, it’s still under warranty!  We walk into the Service Dept of the dealership and stand around for about 5 minutes before anyone even acknowledges our presence.  Annoying.  A lady approaches and we give her the run down.  We had never been to that dealership before so I had to give them my info: name, address, email address and phone numbers.  We were told we’d be called when it was ready.

Fast forward again to 3 pm.  My husband calls to find out a status and he’s told, “Oh, it’s been ready.” (X_X)  We run up there to pick it up.  Would you be surprised if I told you that when we walked into the Service Dept again we were practically ignored by mechanics just sitting at their workstations (there was not a single car in the service bay)?  I was 2 seconds from yelling, “HELLO WE JUST WALKED IN HERE AND ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!”  Finally, we were waiting for the car to be pulled around and I was calming down…when I looked at the receipt.

All of the contact info was in my husband’s name (email address and phone number included).  We did not give that information to the dealership.  Unless they pulled it from the purchase information from when we bought the car back in June, they wouldn’t have gotten it from the registration of the vehicle since that is in my name.  I was so irritated and pissed that they would put his info on MY CAR… Don’t get me wrong; I love my husband and really don’t mind that his name is attached to my vehicle.  What’s so irritating is that the vehicle is registered to me and I gave them my information.  It was just weird and it stabbed my sociological heart a little.  I don’t stand in my husband’s shadow (I would actually say that it’s vice versa).  It’s the principle of the thing that the dealership would put my husband’s info on the receipt for my car when I gave them my information when we didn’t give them his information in the first place.  Rude!


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