Lvl 85! And other updates!

Lizziã on her Seahorse

I was using Tumblr but that service (?) has quite the subculture going on and I’m just not sure it’s the right place for me. Isn’t it interesting to see these different groups interact and communicate? Unfortunately, the stuff I’ve seen on Tumblr appears to be a little.. I don’t know how to say this… immature? for me. I don’t particularly want to see “F@#$ Yeah!” posts/categories/whatever. Maybe I’m getting old or I’m out of tune with the hipsters.

I digress…

I hit 85 on my druid, Lizziã, Monday night! Yippee!!! Now to work on getting my husband’s pally to 85. Then….

Worgen! He made a warlock to go with my mage and they’re both 11 right now. I was thinking that maybe one of us should be able to rez, but what the hell.. We’ll soon be blowing stuff up and burning it down too quickly to be dying too often. I hope. O_O

Also, I’d like to point out how much the last boss in The Stonecore can kiss my lily white ass. I really dislike her and her stupid swirling purple zones of death. XPPPP


2 thoughts on “Lvl 85! And other updates!

  1. I got 85 on my shaman. Cata is ok, but not sure I wanna stick around. I had taken 3 months off for school with hopes that cata would be awesome…but it’s not cutting it for me. Nice wolfman…err, Worgen.

    • What is it about Cata that hasn’t drawn you in? The story? The new races (or class combos)? To be honest, I’m not 100% thrilled with the worgen models or the goblin attitudes… But the rest of Cataclysm is awesome, in my opinion.

      And thanks!! I love my Shuggie and his pretty pink spells! (He’s arcane :D)

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