Naming Education

World of Warcraft is filled with a variety of people from all backgrounds, ages, and groups with vastly different norms, mores and social rules. This really shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s been playing the game for some time. So it also shouldn’t be surprising to come across less-than-appropriate individuals in-game.

I was in Arathi Basin on my new human hunter when I came across a tauren paladin named… Rapezilla. Of course it only took as long for my brain to read the word for me to report this jerk.

Today I received the response to my ticket:

Normally, you receive a generic message that says the actions taken will not be divulged due to privacy concerns.  People who name their toons “Rapezilla” are real people and they have rights (according to their own country, that is). But apparently the GM who handled my ticket clicked the wrong button because…. That message above looks like some database spit-out of what actually happened to “Rapezilla”.

I also received a message to fill out the survey.  At the end, I chose that my issue has not been resolved — this person has not changed their name.  And I also mentioned that using “rape” in a name is not a “minor” transgression.  I had to — couldn’t let that slide, could I?  I’m interested to see if anything further happens.

P.S. I’m not sure if “Sonda” is a name or Blizzard shorthand for something.
P.S.S. A search on the Armory for “Rapezilla” was met with very disturbing results


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