My Week in Warcraft #1

Lots of other blogs do this sort of thing and I wanted to try it mainly so I can have something to look back on wistfully.

Without further ado:

  • Maxed engineering on Reura! As such, she was able to finally make Jeeves. Jeeves is really cool.
  • Decided on an arcane mage for my worgen.  It will be male because I’m not impressed with the female model. Plus I can name him after my husband’s nickname, Shuggie. And he will be a pretty pretty prince(ss)!
  • Realized that I should probably get the heirloom weapon for my worgen mage. He will need it, I think.
  • Started a little troll rogue on a new server since my brother in law made one. I saw him do Shadowstep + Ambush and got insanely jealous. So little Sorroe was born (pronounced like ‘sorrow’).  She’s even won a Warsong Gulch match AND stopped 3 people from taking the flag! Rawr!
  • Also finished three of the Classic dungeon achievements: King of Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Lower Blackrock Spire.  I got almost to Drakkisath in Upper Blackrock Spire, but ended up going into stupid Blackwing Lair and was teleported way outside the whole instance when I left BWL. I was so frustrated I just hearthed back to Dalaran. X|

Since it’s possible that patch 4.0.3 may drop next week (some people are saying 11/16, some are saying 11/23…we will only know when we log in ;D), my next Week in Warcraft may have some even better news.  Like I out-leveled my brother in law. hahahyarite.


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