A Custom UI

I tend to ride the fence on using a customized user interface for WoW.  I really love tweaking the UI to make it just the way I want it, but then I get a LUA error and I dump the whole thing.  I never really thought about hiding those errors, maybe I should get an addon for that.

Anyway, I created my own custom UI back in the summer and recently reinstalled it to see what if I still liked it.  My main is an elemental/enhancement shaman, so my rotation and DoT tracking needs are less than, say, a warlock or even a warrior.  But the majority of my DPS is built around using abilities as soon as available (Lava Burst) or when a certain amount of time is left on my single DoT (Flame Shock) or when I have a 7-9 stack of Lightning Shield.  So I need to know these things, front and center of my face.

I developed this custom UI when I was leveling my warrior back in the summer.  I’ve tweaked it to be compatible with Patch 4.0.1 and my shaman.


Out of Combat:

Note: Names of party members are displayed just like my character’s name.  I’ve just taken it out here.

Annotated Shot (Some stuff is still hidden):

I’ve actually reverted back to the default UI (with convenience addons like TotemTimers, Arkinventory, Postal, DBM, Skada, etc).  I don’t know what it is, but I’m too used to the default UI just working. It’s not very pretty, but it gets the job done so I can do mine.

Edit:  I may give this another try.

Also: See the dead gnome on the floor (My party companion)?  Yeah, that’s how my husband plays his gnome.  He’s more comfortable on the floor than doing silly things like…stayingoutofaggrorange. >_>


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