In love again

With the onslaught of patch 4.0.1 and (painfully) respeccing all (well almost) of my characters, I decided to switch my shaman’s (Reura) resto spec to elemental.  I Googled “elemental shaman” to see what I could figure out about what the heck I should do with this spec.  That’s when I found TotemSpot.  The people over there are really brilliant, logical, awesome and funny.  There were a few posts I found extremely helpful (the Elemental 4.0.1 guide was a (virtual) lifesaver!

So I followed the guide and started collecting elemental gear.  I used some of the crappy resto gear I had and ran a bazillion heroics to get Justice Points for replacements.  I have found that I really like playing a caster that zaps things into oblivion.  Honestly, it’s more fun than a pyromaniac mage.

I’ve been re-playing her for about a week and a half now and this is her current gear-status.  After consulting with the illustrious Pewter via Twitter, I will be switching out her chest and helm for 2pc Tier 10.  I figure since I don’t raid*, getting the best gear out of heroics plus 2pcT9 and 2pcT10 will provide great bonuses and improve my game.  Also, I’m in no rush to kill myself in heroics grinding out Justice Points when the first few quests in Cataclysm are going to replace most of my gear.  I am simply trying to make her the best I can so I can do stuff in Cataclysm.  Like dungeons. :3

All of this is to say: I am in love with my shama-llama again! <33



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